If you reckon car maintenance and car detailing Melbourne are the two things you need to be worried about when it comes to car expenses, the gas price, which seems in a steady increase, should be on your top list. Of course, there are ways on how to increase fuel economy and these are the things we will share with you in this one-minute reading.   

All vehicle owners know this one fact: filling up the tank can be the most expensive price you need to do as part of maintaining your car, whichever type it is. And because fuel is essential in the vehicle’s functionality, there is no way one can remove it from maintenance. The least thing to do is to ensure that you are doing everything to maximize the fuel and use it to the last drop, without wasting any.   

Several factors affect gas mileage including heating systems and air conditioning, car’s weight, aerodynamics, and the type of terrain. Specifically, here are the ways that significantly waste your fuel:  

Rolling the car’s windows down   

This might be a little bit shocking as it is not familiar information for most vehicle owners but keeping the windows down can affect fuel efficiency. When windows are down, this creates dragging resistance and wind noise that makes your car use up more energy. The same case applies when the car is traveling at high speeds. If you want some wind, better to roll down and open the sunroof rather than the windows.   

Having many short trips  

Starting your engine takes up a lot of gas, and so, having short trips significantly increases fuel consumption. If you are fond of having a quick trip to the grocery store, going, home, and unloading the car, and going to different destinations on several trips, you should stop doing this. Run your errands in one trip to maximize the fuel in covering distances rather than in starting the engine.   

Driving on mountains, hills, and other uneven terrains  

Resistance is a significant factor in gas mileage. So, avoid driving on mountains and uneven surfaces if you can. If you are having some adventure, opt for parking your car at the bottom of the mountain and just hike your way up.   

Idling the car  

The most effective way to burn gas without using it is cranking up the heat while starting the engine and waiting for a few minutes. Most people do this during wintertime as it saves them from the cold. However, if you are concerned about the fuel you are burning, just put on some extra coat to warm yourself up.   


Vehicles, in general, are designed to carry in weight, but too much weight also causes your fuel to burn faster. To avoid this, ensure that you frequently declutter and remove heavy objects out of your backseat and trunk.   


Similar to idling your car, your car idles but burns fuels during traffic jams. To prevent this from happening, avoid roads that are prone to traffic jams. Research on the traffic times as well as faster routes of the destinations you usually have.   

Take note, being efficient with energy also reduces your carbon footprint!